Fuck Your Ex Boyfriend
My boyfriend who I was stupidly inlove with cheated on me about a month ago. He told me he kissed a girl and that was it, I found out a month later her slept with a girl that I absolutely hate. She is now posting things about how they are both laughing about the situation, putting pictures up of them together. He's still calling me telling me he loves me and that was a one time mistake that he didn't tell me about because be knew I would end things. Please help! How do I handle this?

He didn’t tell you because he’s a selfish prick, and you don’t need an asshole like him in your life. He wants to have you and also have other girls at the same time. You need to tell him that you are done with him and you are going to find someone better. Because you deserve better. The best way you can handle this is to distance yourself from him and work on healing yourself so you will be ready for a new relationship.

Guys like this douche aren’t worth shedding any tears over. It’s his loss not yours. Maybe one day he will wake up and realize that. Maybe not. Thing is, don’t waste your time waiting for him to change. You’ve got a life to live, so live it.

second break up

my bf broke up with me for the 2nd time with only 11 days apart from the first break up. I won’t take him back because I’ve learned my lesson, he even broke up with me through a text!!! Didn’t have the fucking courage to tell me face to face how he felt. Instead he chose to tell me at 2 am in the morning what was going on, that he was flirting with another girl right at that moment.

I chose not to reply his texts when he asked me how I felt about him leaving me and that it was making him worried when I didn’t reply him back.

 I’m just wondering how I can deal with him when we go to the same school and I see him every day. We even share a same course in school. What can I do from here?


Me and jhailon have always had a thing for each other. in our first relationship he broke up with me and called me a bitch. the second time he told me I make him sick. he just recently asked me out.

Word of advice? Run and never look back. This guy is a piece of shit who doesn’t even know how to maintain a relationship. Pardon my french, but he sounds like he’s a bit fucked up in the head, and he keeps coming back to you because you take the verbal abuse.

Leave him be, let him find someone else to torture, cause you deserve better.

My ex bf dumped me out of the blue over a text, and said he hadn't loved me for months. Less than a month later the fucker started dating someone I thought was a "friend". He didn't tell me and she was too afraid to, so they had somebody else tell me because they were afraid of how I would react. He made all our mutual friends think I'm crazy b/c I attempted suicide last year. Everyone thinks he's so great, but I know what a douche he is. Him and his new gf can fuck themselves. I'm moving on.

Sorry that happened to you, hon. Seems we’ll never understand why these things happen to good people who don’t deserve it.
And you’re not crazy because you attempted suicide, those feelings are normal, you were only dealing with the pain the only way you knew how. But I don’t believe you wanted to die, you just wanted those horrible feelings to go away.

Your ex is a fucking moron who didn’t have the guts to tell you its over to your face, instead he just hides behind a text. That tells me he needs to pull his head out of his ass. Truth is he won’t ever realize what he lost, instead he’ll always be looking for someone to fill the empty void in his life.

People like that are never happy, and never will be happy because they don’t even know what happiness even means.

You on the other hand, will grow and change from this experience, and become much better at choosing a partner in the future. You’ll know what red flags to look for to prevent this from happening again.

Take time for yourself to heal, take up a hobby, something you can completely lose yourself in. For me it’s art and writing.

But take comfort in the fact that you no longer have to deal with this moron in your life. You’re a free spirit, and you will find love again. Real love, not some excuse to keep you around.

my boyfriend and i broke up two years ago but recently we've been talking again. he even calls me or texts me everyday now and he told me that we should get back together when we're back in the same state. Except yesterday all the sudden he mentioned some chick he's been seeing for a month or two, why would he flirt with me if hes seeing someone?

Because he views you as his safety net. The way he sees it, if him and the other chick don’t work out, then he knows he can just come running back to you. In this case, I’d tell him to fuck off. Go and find someone worth your time, not someone who is willing to waste it just so he can have his cake and eat it too.

Best of luck!


My Dating Stories (x)

I broke up with my ex boyfriend because he treated me very bad and made me feel bad about myself. we had some good times but mostly were bad why do i keep thinking about him?

Because you miss the good times, so my advice is to find someone who will treat you with respect so there will always be more good times than bad.